2011 was a huge year of growth for the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild. We grew from nine members to over forty members, many of whom are active. We now average 5 new members every month!! Our president is so proud and excited of the guild we are building for modern quilters in the Bay Area.

Looking forward, we would love to continue hosting challenges, swaps and hopefully bring in some speakers for 2012. There is a lot of organization happening behind the scenes to make each month fun and inspiring. We need more volunteers to help keep this great momentum going. What can you contribute? Many hands make light work.

Most importantly we need to fill the roles of President, Vice President and Secretary for 2012. Sara has agreed to stay on as Treasurer and based on the way the banking is set up this makes for a very easy transition. Thanks Sara!!! Below Adrianne has added some additional roles. These are loosely based on the work we’ve been doing (or would have liked to do, ha!) this year. Suggestions are welcome.

Guild Positions:

  • Treasurer (Sara): collect dues, manage expenses, bank account and PayPal account.
  • Secretary: take notes at each meeting and post to group, manage the member contact sheet, manage the guild calendar.
  • Bloggers(Jaye, Julie, Alison): post content to the blog.
  • Swap Coordinator: Oversee organization and arrangements for a variety of different swaps. This person can form a committee to assist, or get volunteers to organize specific swaps. Some of the swaps we did this year were, fat quarter swap, mug rug swap, and the upcoming secret swap.
  • Demo Coordinator: prepare or get help preparing a demo for each, or almost every meeting. Organize the vast talent within the guild and the offers to demos. Let’s schedule it and make it happen.
  • Challenge Coordinator: Oversee organization and arrangements for a variety of different. This person can form a committee to assist, or get volunteers to organize specific challenges. This coordinator will also oversee the ongoing challenges, such as the A-B-C (A-Z) challenge. Adrianne loves our challenges, and wants to keep it going.
  • Speaker Coordinator: let’s schedule some speakers for 2012!!
  • Charity Coordinator: find opportunities to contribute to our community and organize the guild to participate. There has been a lot of interest in charity quilts. This can be an ongoing group project, but someone needs to organize it.
  • Sew Day Coordinator: arrange sewing room, snack sign ups, iron & ironing board sign ups, design wall (batting).
  • New Member Coordinator: greet new members, answer questions, create name tags and membership cards. Experience with Adobe Illustrator helpful, but other programs could be used.
  • Photographer: take photos at meetings and events, post to Ning, Flickr, Facebook and make available to bloggers.
  • Social Media Coordinator oversee Ning, Facebook, Flickr & Blog

If you would like to volunteer, please email Adrianne and let her know. She will be at the November 5th and December 3rd meetings if you have any questions.

You can volunteer for more than one job! For example, Secretary and Photographer. You can send Adrianne a list of possibilities in order of preference. For example, I’m interested in being, (1) President, (2) Demo Coordinator or (3) Charity Coordinator.

If you have any questions, or interest, now is the time to speak up. Adrianne will be emailing and organizing everyone throughout November and December. The only requirement is that you are a current guild member (in other words, you’ve paid your membership dues). New officers will be announced at the BAMQG meeting, January 7th.

***Special Note from Adrianne. Some of you have encouraged me to be President for another year. I have loved being President and I still plan on being very active with the guild. I can’t make the same kind of time commitment for 2012. I am terrible at asking for help. This list is me asking for help. : ) If we can fill out this list, it might be possible for me to stay on for 2012. That being said, if someone else would like to be President that would be great too. ***