• Your name – Rhonda L.
  • Your position – Demo Coordinator
  • Your understanding of what the position entails  – My job is to arrange demos throughout the year to take place at our normal monthly meetings.
  • Your hopes and dreams for the position  – I would like to showcase all the great talent we have in our guild so that the members can learn from one another.  I am also hoping to invite members from nearby guilds to do demos as well so that we can broaden our knowledge base.  I would like to focus on some basic skills like binding and machine quilting for those who are new to quilting, and also mix it up with some intermediate and advanced skills with a focus on “What is Modern?” for members who are ready for more challenges.  I am hoping that many of our demos include a workshop as well so that members will get a chance to try out new skills first hand.
  • The successes so far  – We had a great AccuQuilter demo by Patti Schafer at our January meeting, but I don’t get credit for that, because I had nothing to do with organizing it.  I am looking forward to organizing our first demo in May.
  • How you are planning to pass information and what you have learned to the next person – I plan to set up an area devoted to Demos on our Forum site so that members know where to go for information on upcoming demos.  This will also serve as a historical record of all the talent we have to draw from in the future.

If you have comments, suggestions or want to volunteer to do a demo or help Rhonda, make a comment below.