The Charity Coordinators, Deborah and Jennifer, have made a big splash with the group in the charity arena. They have encouraged members to participate every month by bringing back blocks and quilts, binding and generally working together to spread some quilty love.

  • Your name Deborah A.
  • Your position Charity Co-Coordinator
  • Your understanding of what the position entails Organize charity quilting projects.  Coordinate volunteers for piecing, quilting, binding and labeling the guild’s charity quilts.  Communicate opportunities outside of the guild’s projects for members to get involved in charity sewing.
  • Your hopes and dreams for the position Hoping to inspire members to do some charity sewing, though it looks like the inspiration was already there judging by the enthusiasm so far!  The plan is 24 quilts in 2012: four quarterly projects, six quilts per quarter, and a different charitable organization for each quarter. 
  • The successes so far :  We have 3 finished quilts, and 6 quilts in the hands of guild members in various stages of completion, and we’re only in the first quarter!!!  Thanks to all guild members who have generously donated their time and talents making blocks, piecing tops, quilting and binding! 
  • How you are planning to pass information and what you have learned to the next person Most probably a recap of the year by quarter.     

Some quilts the group has already finished

Check out the Flickr Stream for more photos of Charity quilts.

If you have quilts or blocks you want to donate contact Deborah or Jennifer. Pat yourself on the back for your own contributions to this effort.