The BAMQG Winter Retreat of 2012 was hosted at the Los Gatos Lodge in quaint downtown Los Gatos.  On Friday at 2pm the doors were opened and registering guests picked up Swag Bags handmade by the retreat committee.

Then sewing spaces were claimed, machines set up, and projects were started.  Attendees trickled in throughout the afternoon amid the hum of machines and friendly chatter.

The committee planned games and activities to encourage mingling and interaction during the weekend.  The first to be introduced was Klippie Mania, a game which rewarded attendees for every project or charity block they completed at the retreat.

The other was the First Quilt game, which involved matching photos of first quilts to the appropriate person.

Retreat-goers spent Happy Hour at the Lodge’s Bar and Grill getting to know each other over food and drinks.  Post-happy hour highlights included a trivia game, a random prize drawing, a “Before Show and Tell,” and a demonstration on how to make a lanyard by Adrianne.  And of course, more sewing!