by Amanda
Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve taken home a DUD?  Are you longing to know what it’s like to bring home a STUD? Well, here’s your chance!

That’s right, my quiltbabies, it’s time for SWAP NUMBER 2 at our JUNE 2nd meeting!  Go ahead and clean out your bookshelves, pull out your wallets, and do a little shopping on AMAZON!! (or your other favorite local book or quilt shop, of course!)

What in goodnesses’ name is a STUD and a DUD, you ask?  Well, my quiltbabies, as I pondered over how to make a fun swap, one that was low-key and gave you a month off from working your fingers to the boney-bone-bones, Rhonda our rockin’ retreat-and-demo queen piped up, “How about a book swap?”  To which our fabulous founder Ruth shouted out, “A Stud and a Dud!” And voila, my quiltbabies – your next swap was born.

So here’s the nitty-gritty, the juicy-juice, the low-down at SWAPTOWN if you choose to accept this mission:
1) You will bring in TWO books to swap with your BAMQG members, and you will go HOME with two books: that’s right, a STUD and a DUD!

2) BOOK #1, THE STUD: This is an AWESOME MODERN QUILTING BOOK, published in the last 5 years.  It is one that you would buy YOURSELF if you didn’t already have it – or who knows, maybe you’ll chance it and buy it for yourself, too!  It is a DREAM, a REVEALATION, an INSPIRATION, and it makes you wanna SEW SEW SEW!  In short, you would be married to this book if you didn’t already have a significant other.  [And yes, it is a-okay if you read this book before bed, ignoring your significant other into blissful dreams of quilty-plums dancing in your head!] FYI, to widen our book choices a little bit, this book can be a sewing book – not TOTALLY quilt-focused – but must have at least ONE quilt pattern in it.  Please bring this book in UNWRAPPED, open, for all other quiltbabies to see with their bright and shiny peepers!

3) BOOK #2, THE DUD:  Find an absolutely horrible, awful, no good, very bad quilting book.  It can be off your shelf (“I’m SO tired of this book!”), it can be from a thrift store or book store (“ooh, this looks like good punishment for the unlucky recepient!”) or anywhere else you can find it (“Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!”).  THEN, wrap it up in some pretty lil’ paper to make it just SLIGHTLY more appetizing…..

4)) Now BRING THOSE BOOKS into the June 2nd meeting, because we have a special, sneaky, sly, you’re-gonna-love-it swap planned so you can leave with the book of your dreams, and tolerate the DUD you got stuck with (which you can always donate to the library if you  REALLY hate it!).

Blogs are a great place to look for books, of course – I’m sure we all already are tuned in there.   Another good spot I’ve found is and type in “Modern Quilting” in the search field.  That will give you a lot of good choices.

Anyone can participate as long as they bring a stud and a dud. We hope this swap will encourage non-members to join us. 😉

And please, my sweet fabulous quiltbabies, reply to the forum post to let us know if you are UP FOR THE ADVENTURE!!