What a wild and packed meeting! Whew! My head was spinning when I arrived home.

QuiltCon/BAMQG Block Challenge
Blocks are due in July if you want want to send them in as a group. If you want to send them in yourself, then the QuiltCon blocks have to arrive by August 15, 2012. See the QuiltCon Directions/information to get all the info.


BAMQG’s first workshop ever is coming up!!! You can drop all your other guild memberships because now we have workshops just like the big girls. 😉 (Just kidding. The more quiltmaking the better!)

What: Dyeing for Quilters
When: Sat July 28, 2012 11-3 (times may be extended)
Who: Joy-Lily and 8 lucky members
Where: Sunnyvale Art Gallery & Cafe
Who2: Angela has all the details. Get in touch with her to sign up.
How much: $60, which includes everything except the fabric. Angela will be placing a PFD fabric order and members can participate if desired.

QuiltMarket Report

Julie and Adrianne spent 3 bliss-filled days at Quilt Market in Kansas City. They brought back stories, catalogs, fabric to fondle (not to buy or take!) and their enthusiasm.


  • nautical themes
  • butterflies
  • magazines: GenQ’s new issue came out in a small format (think Ellery Queen Mystery magazine size), because they said they had printing problems. The content reflects what has been showing up on their Facebook page. Amy and David Butler are coming out with a new magazine called Blossom, which will pull in many of their creative friends and include non-quilt related artwork.


  • Michael Miller has new fabric laminated on the inside. Your editor can’t quite picture this, but Julie said it would be good for diaper covers and shopping bags. 
  • Amy Butler’s new Cameo line looked amazing to Adrianne and Julie
  • FreeSpirit’s new lines have a very sophisticated look
  • Robert Kaufman had adjunct color cards which have their new colors
  • Moda has Brigitte’s ZenChic

Today’s demo is the beginning of a 4 part series loosely around the idea of making a quilt. The series includes:

  • Design (June 2012 meeting)
  • Piecing (August 2012 meeting)
  • Quilting (September 2012 meeting)
  • Binding (November 2012 meeting)

Jaye gave a short demo on design. Look for some notes on that demo soon.

A-B-C Challenge

Kathleen’s Blocks

Leslie and Jaye’s blocks

Rhonda’s blocks.

Only a few people brought their blocks this time, but Q and R were well represented. Rhonda is catching up, having done C and D as well as Q and R (bottom photo). Your editor was pleased to see some of the blocks in the A-B-C Challenge encouragement post show up! It makes my work here worthwhile.

Next month’s blocks are S and T.

Show & Tell
Jennifer made this great design out of 10 fat quarters. I really like the movement in this design.

 Kathleen’s Liberated top. It is little, but she explained the exercise and it sounded like a lot of fun. She didn’t know what was coming, so it was hard to make  design decisions.

San Mateo County Fair
The Fair will be held from June 9 to June 17. Several members have their Kona Challenge quilts entered as a group in the Fair. Amanda organized this endeavor and handed out the FREE tickets and parking passes to those who entered.

Perhaps the A-B-C Challenge quilts will be next year’s group entry?

A Stud & A Dud Swap

“A Stud & a Dud” went forth with much hilarity. There was choosing and swapping and stealing that all went on. I think the library benefited from some donations as well. Thanks to Amanda for organizing the swap.

Door Prizes
WOW! There were a ton of door prizes! Your editor won a book, but there were charm packs, fabric, patterns – all kinds of things. Thanks to Angela for her hard work.

Charity Quilts

Jennifer was there with her well prepared table of packets and prepared fabric. There were at least 5 tops (above is one example) and one finished quilt handed in. The guild members are amazingly generous with their time, materials and enthusiasm. These quilts will be filled with good energy when the children receive them.

The above quilt top is by Amanda and it is great.

Above is another Amanda special. She used several different types of solids: Kona, Bella and Michael Miller. It sounded like it was an interesting exercise in the differences in solids.

Look for the next meeting on July 7! Hope to see you there.