Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild Member Spotlight
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  1. Name: Cheryl
  2. Place: Santa Clara
  3. Cheryl’s Weblink:
  4. Family and important people, pets and how they feel about your quiltmaking: My dog is not impressed. My cat, on the other hand enjoys many aspects of this hobby. He especially enjoys the basting part when he gets to sit in the middle of the quilt in progress and generally make a mess of things. My husband is supportive, although I am certain he thinks I am a bit obsessed even though he hasn’t said that out loud yet. My daughter has been learning to use the sewing machine so now we “get” to share.
  5. How long have you been making quilts? About 3 years.
  6. How and where did you learn to quilt? I learned to sew in a Beginning Girls class in 4-H when I was in fourth grade. Mostly I am a self-taught quilter, but I have taken a few classes to help figure out some of the harder parts.
  7. First quilt: My first quilt started off as a potholder, but I realized that was really just a little quilt so I might as well put 9 potholders together. This was before I had fully embraced the stash idea so I used fabrics on hand. It was very pink so I gave it to my extra-girly niece.
  8. Where do you find inspiration? Architecture, tiled flooring, gates, trees. My daughter rolls her eyes when I say “that makes me think of a quilt” since I say it quite a lot.
  9. Describe your quilting “style”?  I like to think of myself as Modern, but I am really drawn to traditional styles as well.
  10. Do you belong to other guilds besides BAMQG? If so, which ones and why? No. The rest of my allotted sewing time I try to spend sewing.
  11. Favorite quilting blogs?  
  1. What guild job do you hold and why did you volunteer for that position? Sometimes I take the coffee pot home with me and bring it back to the next meeting.
  2. What do you generally do with the quilts you make?  Give away? Keep? Sell? Show? Give away to family, friends, new babies, and charities. I keep a few.
  3. What is your favorite block pattern? I have not made very many blocks. I like log cabins, wonky and otherwise.
  4. In what room of the house do you sew? Tell us about your sewing/quilting/crafting space: The dining room. Everything is stored in a large pantry/closet, sharing space with the blender and rice cooker. I take out the sewing machine, cutting mat, and ironing when required.
  5. Do you create in any other areas of craft? Is quilting your main creative outlet? Do kids crafts count? My daughter loves a craft project- anything with glue, pipe cleaners, and pompoms.
  6. What is your favorite fabric and why? Pretty much anything by Denyse Schmidt, Lotta Jansdotter, Sweetwater.
  7. What is your favorite quilt book? Are there any quilt books you recommend?  I have both Denyse Schmidt books, which I love even if I don’t ever make most of them. Material Obsession and Modern Patchwork also. I get ideas from all of these, even if I don’t really follow patterns very well.
  8. Are there any must have quilting tools?  Sewing machine, rotary cutter, etc. Also, I got these seam rippers for Christmas from my husband that look like small, curved razor blades and work really well.
  9. What are your favorite shops either online or in the neighborhood? I buy fabric mostly on-line: Sew Fresh Fabrics (Etsy), Fat Quarter Shop, and of course Intrepid Thread! I hope Julie opens a neighborhood shop soon. I like fondling the fabric sometimes before I buy it.
  10. Is there an area of quilting you feel you would like to learn more about and why? Paper piecing and free motion quilting.
  11. Is there an area of quilting at which you feel you excel? Do you prefer the process of designing, piecing, or quilting? I don’t feel like I really excel at any of this. But I am pretty good at figuring out how to make something without a pattern. Perhaps because of my science background, I nerdily enjoy figuring out the math. I like to use pencil and notebook since I spend most of my work day on a computer already. I prefer the designing and piecing far more than the quilting.

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