REMINDER: Sew Day Tomorrow!
Sewing will go from 10am-11pm.

Please RSVP in the forum if you are coming, so we can get a general head count.

Los Altos Library
13 S. San Antonio Road, Los Altos, California, 94022

Plan to bring your own:

    Extension cord and/or power strip
    Sewing machine
    Cutting tools/mats (you might want a personal one)
    Night-owls might want to bring an iron and cutting if an
early-bird needs to take theirs home.

We will be in the Community Room of the Los Altos Library. It’s the
large room on the side of the library nearest San Antonio Rd. There
are two sets of double doors on the outside of the library – both lead
into a foyer area, and the Community Room door is on the left part of
this foyer, the checkout desk is on the right.
If you arrive late (after 6pm when the library closes), knock on the
doors closest to the Community Room, and someone should be able to let
you inside.

We will need to set up and take down tables and chairs, which are
available at the library. Please plan to help with this. Also please
try to keep your floor area clean.

Coffee and other light snacks are available in the foyer of the library.

People often pick up meals from a local restaurant. There are many
places nearby, or you can take San Antonio to El Camino and find many
restaurants and markets there.