by Amanda

Get ready all you savvy-crafty super-swappy peeps! It’s time to rock the holiday swap!

For this year’s holiday we’re swapping TIMES TWO. You heard that right – it’s a chance to get more gifts than you could ever-ever possibly dream of!  Okay, maybe that’s being a tad bit melodramatic, but you get the picture, right?  We wanted to please all you crafters and shoppers, so this year, if you choose to join in the FUN, we’ll be making a faboo pincushion gift to swap, and also bringing in a purchased gift of a fat quarter stack to swap.
So, are you in or out?!? Wait, what’s that you say – you need details?  Alright already, keep your fabulously-quilted panties on – here they are:


PART 1: The Crafty-Makey EXTRAGUILDULAR Pincushion Gift Swap: See the post from yesterday

PART 2: The “let’s go shopping or raid our stash” purchasey-assembly Fat Quarter Stack Swap: This one starts in NOVEMBER and ends in December.  For the November meeting, bring in a piece of paper with your name on it and a list of fabric you like – include favorite designers, favorite colors, prints or solids, or even OOP (out of print) fabrics you wish you could’ve gotten your hand on. (Who knows, maybe your swapper shops at the super-secret quilty black market, where one must escape from rotary cutters aplenty, and can embark on a breathtaking adventure to get you that coveted piece of fabric!) Then turn those requests into Amanda and she will match you up with another quilty-crafty-guildy member, who will then put together a fat quarter stack of 5-8 fat quarters, and will bring that stack to you at the December meeting/holiday party.  And yes, you too shall get a name and list of fabricy-type quarters to get for your super-secret swappy partner.

Alright, so NOW are you IN?!?! I hope so!!  Leave a note on the forum (yes, you have to be a member, but that is easy to remedy if you are not already a member!) to let us know whether you’re playing (ahem, sewing, shopping) or not.  Tell us whether you’re doing one or the other or BOTH! We’ll take whatever swapping we can get from you to make this a rockin’ holiday swap!

And yes, BTW, questions are welcomed. Post a note below or on the forum.