This year’s retreat is coming up May 17-19.  We are opening up registration to our friends in the North, East, and South Bay MQGs, so pipe up if you can make it ’cause it’s going to be A-mazing!  Now, we know that as a retreat committee members, we are biased on that, so we’ll stick to facts.
FACT:  We know what we are doing.  This is going to be our second guild retreat – and last year’s was a blast.
FACT:  This year’s retreat is all-inclusive and will take place at the Presentation Center in Los GatosThat means your room, meals, and everything for the retreat is included in the $260 for a double occupancy room.  The Presentation Center offers a vegetarian and a gluten-free option for meals.  If your needs are more specific, there is also a kitchen in each of the cottages (houses) where we will be staying.  

FACT: The goodie bags this year are going to be bigger and goodie-r.  Ruth has a Pile of Awesomeness growing in her office thanks to some smart ladies on the retreat committee who thought to solicit sponsors for the retreat.  (Sponsors are people who give you free fabric!)  
Single rooms: $300/person All single rooms taken at this time
Double rooms: $260/person (please indicate who your roommate will be, OR we can help you find one)
Commuter: $140/person (lunch included)
      Final payments are due at the April meeting (April 13th). We will stop taking sign-ups at that     time.

Bring your UFO’s, sewing machine, and pajamas along and join in the fun! We currently have 21 people signed up, and a limit of 30.
To receive a sign-up sheet, please contact: cheryl_strong at hotmail dot com or leave a message on the forum. A deposit of $85 (double roomers) or $45 (commuters) is required to reserve your spot.

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