This is a guild challenge.

The current challenge theme, delivered at the January meeting, is “Triangle.”  Your mission is to create a pieced work that represents your interpretation of that theme.  You can make any project that you want, the only restriction is that your finished project somehow expresses or relates to the theme.
Everyone who wanted some got a  little bundle of fabric — the pieces were different colors/sizes, but the total amount of fabric was the same (some may have gotten four little pieces, another three slightly larger, etc.).

The fabric was a mix of Cat Nap and True Color and you are not barred from the challenge if you didn’t get a pack. You can use just the fabrics provided, fabric you buy or add as much of any other fabrics as you want.

Any size from Potholder to King. Mugrug anyone?

Challenge projects are due in March.

Out of the area? Play with your own fabrics (you could buy some of the above 😉  ). Link to your project in the comments.