Thanks to all who have stepped up to volunteer in 2015 – we’re so thankful to have you!  Below are those who signed up for particular positions.  At the end of this post I’ll list those roles still open – it is never to late to volunteer!

President:  Kelly O!
Vice Presidents: Angela O & Cheryl S
Treasurer: Claire F
Charity Committee Chairs: Peggy L & Michelle B
Charity Committee Members: Karen & Susan
Retreat Committee Chair: Rhonda L
Opportunity Quilt Chair: Amanda M
National MQG Liaison: Mike L
Swap Coordinator: Joy-Lily
Sew Day Coordinator: Peggy L
Membership Coordinator: Alison S
Meeting Note Taker: Nicki M.
Photographers: Jennifer J and Helen H

Social Chair
Challenge Coordinator
Meeting activities Coordinator

There is a spot for everyone! If you have an idea, let Kelly know!

Thank you, everyone!