The May 2016 meeting of the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild started at 1:15pm at at the Redwood City Library Community Room. The meeting was called to order by Joelle H., President of the Month.

1. Joelle’s Question of the Day: If you had 15 minutes to spend in your sewing room/space, what would you do?

  • clean sewing machine
  • tidy
  • focus
  • organize scraps
  • work on scrap quilt
  • organize fabric
  • catch up on journal entries
  • hand quilt
  • make a pillow
  • put things where they should be
  • adjust the tension on my machine
  • look at fabric
  • iron fabric
  • pull out fabric for a new project
  • rummage
  • fold fabric
  • rough draft for a blind baby quilt
  • find collage book
  • organize colors
  • deal with pile of shame
  • hand sewing
  • learn more about colors
  • blog hop
  • think about how to organize scraps
  • organize
  • repair something
  • put things away
  • stare at my fabric
  • organize patterns
  • clean and corral the dust bunnies

Lots of cleaning and tidying going on in those few minutes!

2. Ongoing Projects

  • BAMQG Lending Library: See Kelly for information about the Lending Library.
  • Charity: Kits are available. See Peggy or Michelle B. 
  • QuiltCon Charity Quilt: A new small group has formed to make the QuiltCon 2017 charity quilt. Contact Michelle B. if you would like to help. Participants in this group should be members of the Modern Quilt Guild
  • Sew Day: The June Sew Day is scheduled for the first Saturday (June 4). It will be a Charity Sew Day. The location is Grace Lutheran Church in Palo Alto. Contact Mary C. if you have questions. There is no need to RSVP. Michelle B. showed the new log cabin pattern for the Charity Sew Day. 
  • Michelle S. talked to the group about making some quilts for the families who were displaced in the Sunnyvale apartment fire. About half of the 76 impacted families lost everything in this tragic fire. If you are interested in donating a quilt or participating in a sew-in contact Michelle S. She has posted details on the BAMQG Forum
  • Swaps: The Mini Quilt Swap is due in June. The swap partners were sent out in late April.
  • Fundraising Raffle: The Raffle will take place at the end of the meeting. Ruth will be selling tickets during the break. The price for tickets is 3 for $1.00. 
  • Retreat Signups: See Bonnie during the meeting to sign up for the Sept. 30 – Oct. 2 Retreat. Membership must be current.
  • Molehills Workshop with Latifah Saafir: The workshop will be held on June 12. See Angela for more details or to sign up. The location for the workshop will be at the Mountain View community center. The workshop fee is $85. For more information see the forum
  • June Meeting Destash Party: Ruth is organizing a Destash Party for June. Bring in fabrics that you no longer want to the June 18 meeting. Those who bring in fabrics will have first chance at the destash table. Ruth is requesting volunteers to help set up and remove fabrics.

3. Quilty Happenings:

  • San Mateo County Fair – Lynette will collect quilts today and deliver them to the fair.
  • San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles – Kaffe Exhibit through July 3rd
  • New Pieces in Berkeley is looking for instructors to teach modern quilt design. See Mike for details.

4. LeeAnn won the giveaway.

5. Ruth set up and conducted the Fundraising Raffle. Overall she collected over $200 in Raffle Ticket sales. Thanks to all who contributed items for the raffle and thanks to Ruth for organizing.

6. Stay and Sew: There was a good turnout for the after meeting Stay and Sew.

The next meeting of the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild will be on June 18, 2016.