Sewing Table 1

As mentioned briefly in the meeting notes, we stayed after to make blocks for the victims, families and first responders in Orlando, Florida. You can find more information about the project and how to help on the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild blog. Wednesday’s post has all the details for mailing, what they need and how you can help. Monday’s post has the pattern and some preliminary details.

First group of blocks laid out

After our business meeting, a bunch of us sewed for an hour and a half. We made 41 blocks. That is not quite enough for two quilts, but people decided to take them and make the tops and more blocks at home.

Chuck marking and Mike sewing

Karen M. got us all going and kind of coordinated. We had kind of an assembly line going. Some pressed fabric , some people cut backgrounds and others cut foregrounds, some marked and some sewed. Other people pressed blocks and eventually a few people started laying out blocks to make a top. I gave advice at Table 2 as I had made a few blocks, but generally we all worked together.

In the photo above, you can see the cat bed ready to receive schnibbles (top right) and Angela giving advice on the layout. Chuck is marking patches and then handing them off to Mike who is sewing (top left). My background cutting station is in the lower middle.

You can see from the photo above that some of us used some artistic license for the blocks. I think the quilts will be just as great with plump fat hearts and skinny, pointy hearts.