BAM had our sew day last Saturday. Big thanks to Mary C for once again facilitating the use of the space!

We had about a dozen people show up, overall, about half of which were working on the Sew Together bag. This bag making effort was led by Bag Queen Jaime, who once again proved dauntless in the face of bag-making angst.

Much discussion had gone on before sew day, as can be seen in the forum discussion.

I failed to take photos on the day of, as I was conscripted to write a blog post after the fact. However, I finished my homework the night before, during #fridaynightsewalong.

While I used essex linen (no surprise), and accidentally fused all of the pieces except the binding, I was able forge through and to walk away with a nearly-finished sew together bag! I still need to sew down the binding by hand. Jaime had a different method for adding the handles that give it a cleaner look. I hope to be done by November BAM meeting day.

Given that I sat next to Jaime to hold my hand, I had no problems with the pattern. I did have a few problems with the more fiddly aspects of the project. Making this bag a second time would go faster than the first, no doubt. But I have no plans to do that anytime soon…

As always, we had a fun time sewing together! It is always about the company. 
Well, the company and getting to sew all day!