NOTE!!!! The March meeting of our guild will be held on Saturday March 18, from 1pm to 5pm, at Grace Lutheran Church in Palo Alto.  3149 Waverly Street, Palo Alto CA 94306

Reminder about our BAM Merit Hexies challenge! Participation is the key to winning your hexies!

The second Color My Quilt challenge is due.
Things to bring:

  • UFO for UFO Swap*
  • Color my Quilt piece
  • Show and Tell – this is a great way to get to know people
  • Your name tag 
  • Charity blocks and quilts 
  • Small Group projects (and ideas for new Small Groups!) 
  • Information about local/national quilty happenings 
  • Non-messy snacks 
  • Sewing projects for after the meeting sewcializing

More info:


Each member brings in a project they have begun, but will never finish. The projects are exchanged, and each member is challenged to complete (in their own way) the Un-Finished Object they were given.

Timeline: introduce challenge in February
Swap UFOs in March
Return finished UFOs in May (must be worked on, if not totally finished. Two months!)

Win a UNIQUE UFO Swap hexie!

“Rules” (aka suggestions):
  1. Bring in your UFO(s) in a bag/box. You might want this to look as good as possible to encourage someone to adopt it.
    1. NOTE: include as much of the UFO as you can (fabric, pattern, etc). However, keep in mind that what the adopter chooses to make may be different from what you originally intended.
  2. Realize you relinquish all control of what the finished product may be/look like.
  3. If you bring a project, expect to take one home!
  4. If no one adopts your project, expect to take it back home.
  5. People who bring in UFOs have first crack at available for adoption UFOs.
  6. Bring back your finished project in May! Get an amazing and unique hexie for your BAM “sash.”

Check out the last meeting’s minutes.

If you have any questions or want a space on the agenda, please leave a comment, or contact an officer before the meeting.

Members can visit the BA Modern forum.