No, not the Royal Wedding

It’s the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild Meeting!

If you are planning on watching the Royal Wedding AND Attending the BAM meeting, you’re in good company.
There’s plenty of time to watch the royal wedding at 1:00am  go to sleep and roll out of bed well rested at 11:00am to pack up your show-and-tell items and get to the Redwood City Public Library for the Guild Meeting at 1:00pm in the Community Room.
Don’t forget to bring:

  • Color My Quilt blocks for Nicki: “Nicki’s submitted her color selection and theme.  Her favorite color is in the red-violet range or cool toned red to blue side of the color wheel.  Her theme is Harmony (balance, pleasing, friendship & synergy).  Please choose your favorite color and add it to hers.  Due during the May meeting.”
    *Thanks to Cheryl for posting the summary of Nicki’s prompt
  • A camera to take pictures of all the beautiful Quilts Nicki will be showing at this meetings Trunk Show!
  • Snacks to share if you’re feeling generous

Here’s a Modern Double Wedding Ring to get you ready for the Amazing Saturday of Royal Weddings and Modern Quilts

double edge quilt
Double Edge Love is by Victoria Findlay Wolfe and quilted by Lisa Sipes.