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Officer Positions and Responsibilities

Guild Officer Positions and Responsibilities to be voted on by the members. Meeting Chair (President) (Member of the Board and Executive Committee) - responsible for meeting content, officiates meetings and is the official face and highest authority level of the guild. Works with the Board to maintain and change as necessary the Guild Bylaws. Oversees [...]

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2018 October Meeting Notes

by Marty C 10-20-2018 2018 10 20 Meeting Notes (taken my Marty Cravens) Present: Gerre, Mary C, Nancy, Amy Angela running a Destash today. Mary C: question of the day: what’s your favorite Hallowe’en candy? Website: Tim, Jaye, Christina (leading), etc should be ready to debut in November!! Volunteers asked to be involved in a [...]

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Retreat Photos

https://photos.app.goo.gl/rnkvuxauQNwYRLCn9 This is most of Google's Photo Album, "Weekend in Sunnyvale" - I'll 'curate' the rest of the photos and post them later. Cheers! Helen H.

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September 2018 Meeting Notes

Question of the Day:  What is your best organizing tip? fast food trays to hold projects paint chips to indicate color in box command clips to hang items peg board Bonnie Hunter's blog painters tape for labeling smash as much as you can in the box shut the door keep the cat off if you [...]

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