Thank You!

The end of my term as blog editor is here and Pam will be taking over for me in January.Thank you very much for reading and for your comments. I have enjoyed writing this blog and appreciated the interaction with readers.Happy New Year!Jaye

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Tara Faughnan Lecture Notes

Tara Faughnan came to the guild on Saturday and gave a lecture.Tara was a gardener before she began quiltmaking. she works at Michael Miller after completeing at textile design program in Berkeley.She uses Photoshop and Illustrator in her work. She had a Pfaff for a long time, but recently got a Janome. She uses her [...]

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San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles

Gerre, our fabulous president, recently met with Amanda Rawson, SJMQT Deputy Director, and Anna Bagarov, SJMQT Marketing Manager, at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles.  I was invited to meet with them to talk about how the guild might become more involved in mutual projects and events.  They are both enthusiastic about the [...]

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Fabric Use, Fabric Purchasing and Spreadsheets

At the December Sew Day/Party/Meeting I shared my spreadsheet at Show and Tell.Cheryl's Spreadsheet of incoming fabric for 2016 - she uses this to keep track of recent purchases, with the intent of keeping a zero-balance of incoming/outgoing fabric. Photo by Diana Lubliner.Although this may not be everyone's idea of a good time, I wanted [...]

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Presentation: Ruth’s Scrap Management

Ruth gave us a presentation about her use and management of scraps. She called it Scrap Magic. She talked about her system of scrap organization.Scraps can be better used if they are organized. Everyone's organization system will be different and personal to themShe uses scraps as soon as she is done with the quilt so [...]

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Baby Upcycling and Repurposing

Many of us are really busy. Too busy to make a quilt as  a gift yet we still want to be creative when giving gifts to new moms.Here are some things to consider:Gift certificates for something in a year - clothes, a few dinners, babysitting. The emphasis is often on the baby when it arrives, [...]

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Pincushion Swap Ideas

We're makin' pincushions!  Our lovely president got us invited to participate in the KCMQG (Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild, in case you’re wondering) pin cushion swap.   Hope you have started!You’ll bring your pincushion into the NOVEMBER meeting to hand in.  Then, in December you will get back a totally  DIFFERENT pincushion, made for you by [...]

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Design Overview

At the last meeting, we started the Demo Series that Rhonda is organizing.Design (June 2012 meeting)Piecing (August 2012 meeting)Quilting (September 2012 meeting)Binding (November 2012 meeting) The first demo was more of a lecture. Jaye gave us a Design Overview. She told us why we should care about design principles and elements. Notes below.Design Class Overview [...]

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