My name is Kathleen Robertson.  My quilt, called The Sunflower, was accepted into the New Quilts of Northern California exhibit at this year’s PIQF.  I pieced the quilt and my good friend and quilter, Dee Small of Groveland, California did the amazing quilting on this 60″ x 60″ quilt. 

The inspiration for this quilt was a class that I took at Eddie’s Quilting Bee.  It is a variation of Drunkard’s Path using many non-traditional quilt fabrics to give it sparkle and depth.  Most of the blocks that make up the sunflower itself are pieced with strips of many different fabrics, again to give it depth through the use of light, medium and dark value fabrics. 
My favorite thing about this quilt was finishing it!  And my second favorite thing was working with Dee Small, who “got” my vision of the effect I was after with the quilting.  If I made this quilt again, I would try to be more precise in my cutting of the curved pieces so that the assembly of the quilt was easier and the end result had fewer blocks that had to be “massaged” into place. 
What am I working on next?  I am assembling a string quilt made from scraps and, my current favorite, a sampler block quilt made from Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow fabric.  Members of a bee that I am in made some of the blocks for me and I made the remainder.  And, I’m working on an improvisational block quilt that I hope will be visually striking and go on my bed. 
I regularly post my work on Flickr.