One of the fun activities for December will be the Bay Area Modern first ever secret swap! It will happen as part of our December meeting.

Why are we telling you this now? So you can plan, of course!

Here’s the plan:

  1. You must be a paid member to join this swap.
  2. You will indicate you want to participate. Members will reply to the secret swap post on the Ning site.
  3. You will provide us with some suggestions of item(s) you would like to receive, such as a mini-quilt, table-runner, placemats and napkins, sewing machine cover, pin cushion, mug rug, tote, purse, basket, notions, etc.
  4. You will also tell us your color choice(s) and some of your favorite fabric designers or fabric lines. You can ask for solids, stripes, dots, etc. You can ask for holiday fabric or request that holiday fabric is not used. These are suggestions and requests, so please be aware that you might not receive an item made from the exact fabric you requested.

You’ll bring this information (printed on a card or printed out with your name and contact email information on it) to us at the November meeting. You can aksi Ning mail it to Kathleen.

Secret partners will be assigned the day after the meeting via email. Watch your provided email for the exciting revelation of your secret partner’s information! You will need all of these tidbits to prepare the swap gift items.

You will have approximately 30 days to complete your secret partner’s requested items(s). Wrap up the items prettily and identify yourself. Bring your package to the December meeting for the exchange and big reveal. If you can’t make the December meeting, contact Kathleen and see what you can do to have someone else bring the package to the meeting.

So, let’s go over the steps:

Step 1. Anyone who wishes to participate in the swap will respond to the Ning discussion and let us know that you want to participate. Sign is as simple as saying “I’m In!”

Step 2. Participants should complete their wish lists / suggestions / requests to give their secret partner ideas for the type of item you would like to receive, color preferences, fabric lines or designers and whether Christmas fabric is acceptable or not. Try to give several options for items you would like to receive.

Step 3. You will be assigned a secret swap partner and provided her preferences, choices, etc. shortly after the November meeting. Keep your partner a secret. Please don’t contact your secret partner directly. If you need more information, email Kathleen and she will act as go between.

Step 4: You’ll complete your secret partner’s items, wrap up, include your information on a card and bring to the December meeting for the swap. Bonus points for pretty, creative wrapping, cards, etc. 😉

Step 5: Pay your dues so you can swap!

If you can’t make the December (or November) meeting, but want to participate, contact Kathleen directly so we can make that happen.

Any questions?

Let the swap begin!