[I am reposting this for those of you who were busy and missed it last week due to Thanksgiving festivities]

We’re going to vote for our 2012 officers during the December 3rd meeting. Mark your calendars now for Saturday, December 3rd. Don’t miss out on this very special meeting.

The list of potential officers will remain open up until we vote. If you’re interested in being an officer, please contact Adrianne. The only requirement is that you are a paid member.

Here is the slate of candidates for Executive officers so far:

  • President: Adrianne Ove
  • Vice President: Alison Schmidt, Kathleen Robertson
  • Treasurer: Sara Musko
  • Secretary: Alison Schmidt, Amanda Materne

Please email Adrianne if there are changes or additions.

In related news, we have filled ALL of the coordinator positions (and even added one)! Here is our All-Star team of coordinators for 2012!!!

  • Swap Coordinator: Amanda Materne
  • Demo Coordinator: Rhonda Ludwico
  • Challenge Coordinator: Ruth Costa
  • Speaker Coordinator: Cynthia Marshall
  • Charity Coordinator: Deborah Aspuria, Jennifer Altman
  • Sew Day Coordinator: Diana Lubliner
  • New Member Coordinator: Sara Musko
  • Photographer: Julie Dueck
  • Social Media Coordinator: Diana Lubliner
  • Special Events Coordinator: Angela Obeso

Have another coordinator position that you want to lead? As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, send Adrianne an email.