The “new” officers are:
President: Adrianne
VP: Kathleen
Secretary: Amanda
Treasurer: Sara

Thank you very much to Ruth, founder and 2011 Secretary, who will be leaving the board and taking over the challenge coordinator position.

Thank you to everyone who ran for office.

December Secret Swap

Secret Swappers really did a nice job on the gifts they made. Very high quality sewing, gorgeous wrapping and inspired fabric choices.

Nota bene: the ribbon at the top of the post is a detail shot from one of the packages. Awesome work!

Heirloom Challenge

Zoom in to see the variety of log cabin blocks that people created within the log cabin format. Amazing!

Claire and Lizzie won the blocks. You can win blocks, too by joining the group and participating in challenges!

A-B-C Challenge

Next month is ‘G’ so get your G blocks on!

Show and Tell!
Everyone does such great work. When there is a large group there are a lot of projects to show and it is a great source of inspiration.