Adrianne Ove
Adrianne Ove
In what city do you live?
San Jose, Ca
How long have you been making quilts?
About 4 years
How and where did you learn to quilt?
I’m self taught through books, blogs, and tutorials.

Who inspired you to get started?

I was reading creative blogs like Wee Wonderfuls, House on Hill Road, the Mayfly, Hop Skip Jump, and Crazy Mom Quilts long before I started quilting. What lovely and inspiring women!

The one who actually inspired me to stop reading and get quilting was Dana from Old Red Barn Quilt Co. I joined a quilt along that Dana hosted in 2009. She is so much fun and she made the whole process seem very doable. I created a Flickr account, started a blog and I even tried free motion quilting. The support, inspiration and excitement that came from that group hooked me immediately. I continued on for two more rounds with the same group and made this quilt and this quilt.

Please describe your first quilt (Include a picture if you have it).

I don’t have a picture of my very first quilt, which was a baby quilt for a good family friend. I remember spending hours picking out just the right fabric. I do have a picture of my second quilt. This over-sized rail fence pattern was for the the original Old Red Barn Co. Quilt Along. This is by far the most used quilt in my house even though it’s far from perfect.

“Old Red Barn Co.”

Where do you find inspiration?
Everywhere! I carry a notebook and a camera with me most of the time. My Regatta quilt was inspired by the local sailboat races. I see quilt designs in product packaging, television shows, architecture, clothing, children’s books and all kinds of magazines. I also love creative blogs, Flickr and Pinterest.

Do you have a quilting “style”? If so, what is it?
I don’t know what my style is yet. Someone recently described my quilts as modern and vintage at the same time. Reading that made me smile. I would say experimental right now. I love to try everything, tweaking what already exists and making it my own.

“Modern Peel”

Favorite quilting blogs?

I love too many to count. Here are some of them

Do you belong to other guilds besides BAMQG? If so, which ones and why?
Yes, the South Bay Modern Quilt Guild and the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild. I initially went to each one trying to find a guild to join. I met so many great people I had to go back for more. Since I became President of BAMQG, it has become my main guild.

Jaye and I at a BAMQG meeting

What guild job do you hold and why did you volunteer for that position?

I’m the guild’s President because I didn’t know what I was getting into! Ruth?! : )

Joking aside, the modern quilt guild movement is so exciting right now. I love sharing what I know and getting people involved. It’s also a great way to meet the local quilters.

What do you generally do with the quilts you make? Give away? Keep? Sell? Show?
I give them to my friends and family with the expectation that they will be tossed around, loved and used up. I hold a special place in my heart for children’s charities, especially the local NICU, and I’ve made a few quilts for them.

“Born to Shine”

What is your favorite block pattern?

I like log cabins and stars.

“Happy Blocks”

In what room of the house do you sew? Tell us about your sewing/quilting/crafting space.
I sew at the kitchen table, usually with one or two kids working on crafty projects next to me. It’s definitely cozy and it needs to be cleared for mealtime. I recently added a cutting table and bookshelf to one side of the playroom and it’s wonderful having a corner to call my own.

My Happy Corner

Do you create in any other areas of craft? Is quilting your main creative outlet?
My first love is photography. I’ve also dabbled in ceramics, knitting, and jewelry making.

On My Needles

What is your favorite fabric (line, designer, pattern are all ok) and why?
What day is it? : ) I confess, I am a total fabric junkie!! I cannot resist a good dot, stripe or paisley print. Some of my favorite designers are Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, Denyse Schmidt, Joel Dewberry, Heather Ross, Heather Bailey, and Aneela Hoey. Generally, I love bold patterns and happy colors. Echo by Lotta Jansdotter just came out and I am crushing on it big time.

Echo by Lotta Jansdotter

What is your favorite quilt book? Are there any quilt books you recommend?
I think everyone takes away something different from books. I would recommend looking at anything and everything that peaks your interest because you never know what you will learn or be inspired by.

My Crafty Books

Are there any must have quilting tools?
I need a pen and paper to jot down ideas. I love my Olfa rotary cutter, my Omnigrid 8”x12” ruler and my fabric. The rest is nice to have, but I’m not that picky.

Garbage Bowl for Quilters

What are your favorite shops either online or in the neighborhood?

I’m a busy Mama and I usually shop online late at night. I love The Intrepid Thread, of course!! : ) I also like Fabricworm and Fresh Squeezed Fabrics. Julie, Cynthia and Randi all have a great selection of modern fabrics and excellent customer service. They’ve become my friends over the years and I love supporting them.

Is there an area of quilting you feel you would like to learn more about and why?
There are so many techniques I haven’t even tried yet. I’d love to use a long arm quilting machine next.

Is there an area of quilting at which you feel you excel? Tell us about it. Do you prefer the process of designing, piecing, or quilting?
I love, love, love designing quilts. Piecing and quilting is just a way to make the quilts in my head come to life. Some of my quilts are pushier to be made than others. Sometimes I wish I had a stunt quilter.

Big Zig Design Page

You have to evacuate your home quickly due to a natural disaster. What 3 things would you grab from your sewing room/space?
If I could, I would grab all the homemade goodies that my friends have made me. They are my treasures.

Apple Pincushion by Georgia

Do you have a favorite sewing tip or trick?
I strip piece my bindings.
You can find me at, flickr, twitter and pinterest.