The group held it’s first Sew Day on January 21. There were about 20 people in attendance for most of the day, with about 10 people staying on from 4pm on. There was no meeting component and no scheduled activities, just people working on their projects.

We only had 11 tables for the room, so it was 2 per table during the busiest hours in the afternoon.  We had 4 ironing stations set up for most of the day, but people mostly did cutting at their own tables.  It’s great to sit by the ironing stations because you get to chat with everyone when the come up to press their work!  It’s also great to sit by the back wall, which has a sort of fabric covering and worked as a huge (and semi-secret) design wall.  Julie and Kathleen also brought design walls, and so many people were laying things out that there was also heavy use of the “design floor” areas near the windows.

People worked on a ton of projects. Some of them were:

  • Peggy – a postage stamp charity quilt for the guild
  • Sheetal – her first me-made blouse, with cute gathers in the back (Sheetal finished most of the blouse and then put sleeves on it the next day, wahoo!
  • Diana – wavy quilting on a curves quilt (Diana tried both free motion quilting and the walking foot over the course of her marathon day of quilting)
  • Adrianne & Julie – huge swoon blocks (Julie managed to finish two big swoon blocks during the sew day, leaving her 1/3 of the way done with this quilt!)
  • Lisa – half square triangles to recreate her first ever quilt with a more modern look  (Lisa showed me her no-trim method for making multiple half square triangles and I am definitely going to try it!)
  • Colleen – Sewed stars and then laid out and assembled a fussy-cut Heather Ross Quilt (Colleen aaaaalmost finished this quilt top, she was working on the last row when we had to close up shop and go home at 8pm)
  • Ruth – Did an “over the hump” theme for the day, getting things rolling on several stuck projects:  a postage stamp quilt from vintage sheet squares, an apron, oven mitt, and quilting her Kona challenge quilt
  • Kathleen – teal and red blocks
  • Jennifer – charity quilt for the guild, I believe, but I think she also did another project.
  • Deborah – red and teal cross blocks
  • Sara – was laying out a pretty quilt on the design wall
  • Mel – was laying something  out on the floor in the corner but I didn’t get to go see it (from the sew day pictures it looks like it may have been a baby quilt)
  • Claire – continued quilting a quilt that she started on the long-arm
  • Angela – quilted a cute quilt with one of my favorite animal prints on the back
  • Alison – I’m not sure what she was piecing, but she used the prettiest redish-orange and teal fabric to do it.
  • Lynette – 6 point-star quilt
  • Kelly was cutting in the back corner using an Accuquilt cutter, not sure what the project was for.
  • Rhonda showed the AWESOME robot quilt top that she recently finished, but I didn’t get to see what else she was working on.  She was very concerned about the South Carolina primaries going on that day, though.
  • Cynthia was there working away.

Kathleen took orders and picked up lunch for about half the people there at 12:30 (the rest went various places or brought lunch) and we all ate lined up in the sitting area right outside the sewing room.

People brought plenty of snacks and they lasted all day, although next time I’m going to bring my own tea bags.  (Someone was trying to kill people by offering up decaf tea at 10am – the horror!)  The coffee stand outside is really more of a self-serve deal with coffee for $1 per cup.  I took a short walk down the street in the afternoon for a stretch break and to pick up some tea.

Overall, there was a ton of enthusiasm and people were really focused on their projects (unlike the sew times after our meetings, when more people use the limited time available to chat)

Also, in this room we are required to put away tables and chairs before we go home, and people were FABULOUS about taking care of their area before heading home.  The last 5 of us to leave only had to put up our own stations and dispose of the remaining snacks before

Thanks to Ruth for helping with this report! You can find some additional thoughts about the day at Doodles and Designs.