Here is our second interview with guild swap coordinator, Amanda! Amanda highlights that she can’t do it alone and has already been working with other people.

Your name:  Amanda M.

Your position:  Swap Coordinator

Your understanding of what the position entails:  Setting up what I hope are some FABOO and FUN swaps to get us all stretchin’ outside our comfort zones, and makin’ and swappin’ and givin’ some great gifties! This year we’re shooting for three swaps – the current pillow swap, and then a fun swap in the summer, and a year-end holiday swap like last year’s.
Your hopes and dreams for the position:  My dreams are small: I’d just like people to have FUN and get some excellent swap items out of the process! And of course, I’m always open to hearing ideas for swaps.  Our second summer swap idea came from one of our members – and not me! 🙂

The successes so far (charity and retreat, I am looking at you!) ;-):  So far we are in the midst of what I hope will be our first successful swap: THE PILLOW SWAP!  We had 20 members bring in bags of scraps, that were turned into me and then given back out anonymously.  We’ll see the reveals in April 2012, and I’m SO looking forward to see what everyone made!

How you are planning to pass information and what you have learned to the next person:  Probably via an email document, and serving as a reference for them when they do swaps.  I think one of the great things about doing swaps is giving the organizer freedom to figure out some fun and exciting ways to do it – let them run with their ideas! But it’s good for them to have someone to talk to who has been there before, in case they need help.

Thanks for sharing your plans and dreams, Amanda!

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