BAMQG Winter Retreat 2012 is almost here!
Can you believe it??
Here is list of what to bring and other details you should know.  
If you have any questions, feel free to send email to the Retreat Committee and Attendees at bamqgretreat2012 [at] googlegroups [dot] com.
Must Have’s
  • Sewing supplies & projects
  • Sewing machine manual and accessories
  • Cutting mat and rotary cutter
  • $$ for meals
  • $$ for fabric (see Buying Fabric below) 😉
  • Coffee/tea mug  (to save resouces)
  • Water bottles/cups (to save resources)
  • Desk lamp if you prefer extra lighting
  • Chair Cushion
  • Stuff for the Freebie Table
  • Scraps for the Scrap Heap – This is your chance to get rid of scraps you’re tired of and/or pick up something new and different.  Very informal.  “Have a few, leave a few.  Need a few, take a few.”  Leftovers will go to charity projects.
  • Extension cord and/or Power Strip if you have them handy.
Just for Fun
Bring a photo of the 1st quilt you ever made!  (Optional)
If you prefer, you can Ning message this in advance to Rhonda or Angela
Buying Fabric
If you would like to shop for fabric during the weekend, you have three options.
1)  Our very own Julie Dueck of Intrepid Threads will bring fat quarters from her shop on Friday for you to browse.  She will be taking orders and will bring your fabric, cut-to-order, on Saturday.  How cool is that?

2)  Field trip to Hart’s Fabric in Santa Cruz on Saturday morning

3)  Natural Expressions in downtown Los Gatos
The Retreat Committee will be providing a common area for ironing.  In addition, each hotel room has its own ironing board and iron that can be brought to the sewing room.  So, unless you have an ironing board or iron that you can’t live without, you can leave those items at home.  Feel free to bring a small ironing board for your personal area if you wish.
Cutting Area
The Retreat Committee will be providing a common area for cutting larger projects and/or for pin-basting.  If you have an extra cutting mat to contribute, do bring it.

Our contract with Los Gatos Lodge states that we are not permitted to bring outside food and drink into our sewing room.  But do not despair!  The Retreat Committee has arranged for catered snack breaks at various times throughout the weekend.  Snack breaks are included in the fees you have already paid.  Also, the Bar and Grill is right across the hall from the sewing room, and we are permitted to bring food and drinks from the bar into the sewing room.  Of course, you can always take a break outside on the patio, or in your hotel room.  Your room is equipped with a mini fridge for your convenience.

We look forward to seeing you Friday!