• Your name:  Jennifer A.
  • Your position:  Charity Coordinator (Along with Deborah)
  • Your understanding of what the position entails:  Organizing charity events for the guild, including picking projects along with charities, collection donations, making kits, organizing volunteers for completing quilts and distributing finished quilts to the various charities.
  • Your hopes and dreams for the position:  My hopes and dreams WERE for the group to complete 24 quilts this year, but I think we are going to do even better than what Deborah and I had hoped for! 
  • The successes so far:   Below are the finished quilts we have so far!  We also have quite a few quilts distributed to various guild members who have volunteered to finishing the quilts.
  • How you are planning to pass information and what you have learned to the next person:    I think this has and continues to be a great learning experience for me.  Deborah and I are in contact with each other through-out the month.  We continue to adjust our plans according to the feed-back we receive from the guild.  We want to make this as rewarding for all as we do good for others.  By the end of the year we will know what works and what does not, and will happily pass this information on.     

With charity quilts, every little bit helps. Can you make one block? Yes, that puts the guild one block closer to a finished quilt. Want to practice binding? Charity quilts are a great way to practice. Tired of a project? Donate it to the charity bin and something gorgeous will be made from it.

Comment below with ideas!