The New Member Coordinator is one of the first people you will meet when you join!

  • Your name Sara M.
  • Your position New Member Coordinator
  • Your understanding of what the position entails I welcome new members and answer any questions they might have. I also make name badges and membership cards and approve new people on our forum.
  • Your hopes and dreams for the position My hope is to make new members and potential members feel welcomed into the guild and make the process of becoming a member as easy as possible.
  • The successes so far :  I have already met many new people this year. We already have 45 official members for 2012! I am excited to see us grow even more as we continue this year!
  • How you are planning to pass information and what you have learned to the next person

    I like the idea of creating an informal ‘best practices’ guidelines as we figure how to best communicate with people who are new to the guild.

New Member Coordinator is a really important position! This coordinator can make or break first impressions. When Sara isn’t around we all need to step up and welcome new people.

Great work, Sara!

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