Your name – Angela O
Your position – Special Events Coordinator

Your understanding of what the position entails
  – Special events can be anything that happens outside of the regular meetings and sew days. It can be whatever we can dream up which is very exciting!  I’ll be making sure that we have interesting events and get togethers throughout the year, giving us more opportunities to be inspired and creative and get to know each other better.
Your hopes and dreams for the position  – I hope to have at least 4 special events this year.  Our first special event was the retreat, which was super successful thanks to the great committee and attendees.  I’m hoping to make this an annual or maybe even twice a year event.  I also want to get our group out to see more local quilt shows and museum exhibits together.  I have something in the works now and will announce the details at the April meeting.  I’d also like to see our guild have events with the other local modern quilt guilds to get to know each other better.  Other ideas on my list of possibilities includes hosting our own quilt show, doing our own shop hops, having social get togethers and workshops outside of the regular meetings.  I’m always open to ideas for special events, so please come chat with me if you’ve got any thoughts or ideas on what you’d like to do with our group.

How you are planning to pass information and what you have learned to the next person – As the other coordinators, board members and retreat committee members have learned, I LOVE lists!  Making them and checking them off just gives me so much joy, so I plan to keep many lists to pass along info to the next person.  I also intend to continue to be involved and help out future coordinators however I can.

Angela is always open to ideas for special events, so please come chat with her if you have any ideas on fun events you’d like to do with our group. You can also comment on this post