We had our first sew night, and second sewing event on Friday, March
23 from 5-11pm.
4 people had arrived by 5:30, and 13 tables were set up shortly
thereafter!  The library has new tables, some of which have pop-up
outlets in the table.  Handy, if you forgot your extension cord.  We
had 4 ironing stations set up, and a large cutting mat on an extra
table.  By 7:30, each of the tables were occupied – we had 13 people
in attendance at the height of the sew night, so everyone got a table
to themselves.  It was very nice to have so much elbow room, but to
also be sewing with a sizable group of people.
The library itself closed at 6pm, and the front doors were locked, but
later arrivals could be let in by someone already inside the building.
 People needed to knock loudly, but it was fairly easy to hear the
knocking across the lobby hall.

Most people had eaten dinner before they came, or came with a light
dinner to eat onsite.  A few of us went out mid-evening to pick up
some food at a local grocery store.

By 10:30, about half our group had left, but people were still sewing
even then.  We had originally told the library that we’d leave at
10pm, but when we checked in for the evening, the staff informed us we
could stay until 11pm.  We were to take down the tables, stack the
chairs and let ourselves out at the end of our night.  Everyone was
very helpful in both setup and take down.  Our group cleared out
shortly after 11pm, after a very full night of sewing, quilt
discussion and snacking on cookies and kettle corn.