As usual, the meeting was great. Lots of people, quilts and a good demo. For some reason, your editor’s camera does not want to take photos when am out and about. The battery (not fatal) ran out  and I forgot the spare at home, so I only took a few photos with my phone. I’ll try to do better next time.

Pincushion Swap

Vintage Modern Pincushion
Vintage Modern Pincushion

The pincushion swap was successful. There were a lot of really great pincushions. Kelly wins the big *ss pincushion award. She likes big pincushions and she made one for the swap. There were probably a dozen that were given in. It will be interesting to see what the Kansas City Quilt Guild sends us back. Thanks to Adrianne for organizing.

Donation Quilts

Yellow & Pink Donation Top
Yellow & Pink Donation Top

More donation quilts floated in. The word on the BAMQG street is that we have collected/made/produced 99. More went out to be quilted and finished, so I am sure we will break 100 at the next meeting.

Jennifer and Deborah had kits and cat beds available and people took the kits to make more.

Cross/Plus charity quilt
Cross/Plus charity quilt

Peggy made this Cross/Plus quilt for the charity effort as well. The colors in the photo don’t do it justice. The quilt is a really nice combination of turquoise and scarlet. I believe that Kathleen made a quilt like this in a swap earlier this year. These may be the leftover or reject blocks from that quilt. If they are rejects, they are perfect in this quilt- definitely a lemonade from lemons situation.

Show & Tell

Sparkling Cider by Mallory
Sparkling Cider by Mallory

There was a lot of great show and tell in addition to the pincushions. One of the quilts that I really liked was a from a pattern called Sparkling Cider by All Washed Up quilts. The fabrics used for the pattern’s packaging doesn’t do the layout justice. Mallory used Tula Pink’s Plume Collection from a few years ago. Mallory does a great job using these fabrics to best effect in this quilt. One thing I like about the Sparkling Cider pattern is that the blocks are large, but the quilt design is not boring. There are some nice renditions of the pattern on Flickr, too.

Adrianne's Modern Amish
Adrianne’s Modern Amish

Adrianne saw an advertisement for modern Amish quilts that were needed for a book. The deadline was very short and since publishers require that a quilt not be published anywhere else, including on a blog (So many of us who participate in social media are so totally screwed on this front) that many quilts people had already made were ineligible. Adrianne got inspired and started work on this quilt. She said she didn’t make the deadline, but she finished the quilt and it is a really great piece. The negative space is a really interesting shape. This could be made with the Fons & Porter Pyramid ruler.
I know you can see it, but the quilting is horizontal lines across the whole quilt, which looks great.

Alison's baby quilt
Alison’s baby quilt

Alison brought a baby quilt made from fabric from a Malka Dubrowsky’s first hand-dyed looking line, A Stitch in Color. It came out really well. It sounded like she said she did  a sort of Jelly Roll technique, but the description sounded like she managed the design process more than the directions for a Jelly Roll Race quilt usually suggest. She added in the parallelograms to break up the fabric motifs. I like those parallelograms; I think they add a bit of stability to the design as well.

Sew Time
A few of us stayed until the bitter end. Only Alison was doing anything remotely related to sewing. The rest of us were chatting and socializing. If you are not sure what to do at sew time, it is a great time to baste quilts or cut out projects, especially things like bags and other accessories.

December meeting will be on December 1. Remember to bring your FQ Swap fabrics.