When our group started the charity project, we had a goal of 25 quilts. We, as you may know have dozens and dozens – many more than 25 – quilts to donate. We never know what our fellow human beings will be facing, but the charity quilts are there for the planned donations as well as unexpected needs.

Most of you have seen the images of the devastation wrought by Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy. Again, your generosity of time and spirit by making quilts is enabling us to provide some comfort to some of those victims. The Charity Girls, Deborah and Jennifer, explain below:

by Deborah and Jennifer

Jen and I are collecting monetary donations for shipping fees so that we can send about 10 or so charity quilts made by the guild members this year to victims of Hurricane Sandy.  We currently have $50 in donations, and need $17 more to cover shipping. Any overages will be used to further support the guild’s charity project

Here’s the info posted on the forum:

“If you’d like to make a contribution, please send the funds through Paypal.  Here is the info:

From your PayPal account select the ‘send money’ tab. 
Enter bamodernquilt@gmail.com in the ‘TO’ tab and the donation amount in the ‘AMOUNT’ tab. 
Click the ‘PERSONAL‘ tab right below the USD drop down menu. 
Select ‘OTHER‘ option.
Enter ‘Sandy Postage’ as the subject
Please leave a comment here if you make a contribution through Paypal so that Sara can track funds sent for this relief effort.

Thanks in advance for your generosity!
-Deborah and Jennifer”