Back in December, we asked our members to fill out a quick survey on group quilting activities that they would like to do in 2013.  There was a very clear winner… Block of the Month!  Not just any Block of the Month, but an easy, fun, and modern one.  Mission accepted, guys! 

January:  Film strip
February:  AMH Feather
March:  Snails Trail
April:  Mod Pods (hosted by Heather of the Portland MQG)
May:  Geese Gone Wild
June:  Cropped Pinwheel
July:  More Birds in the Air
August:  Chevron Echoes
September:  Woven
October:  Pixel strips
November:  String star
December:  Pine Tree

These blocks were selected for a modern aesthetic and gradually increasing skills.  Plus, they are all compatible with traditional or wonky piecing, whatever your preference. If you aren’t too keen on sampler quilts, you could use a selection of the blocks to make a quilt in another style, like this:

Or use more of the blocks for something epic:

So how is this going to work?  We will be presenting one block at each of out monthly meetings, plus posting here on the blog in case you couldn’t attend (or aren’t a member of our guild – folks outside our area are welcome to join in!).  During the following month, you make that block and then bring it to the meeting and/or post pictures in our Flickr group.  We will be picking blocks from the meeting and the Flickr group to share on the blog each month as well.

So who’s in??