Sadie Fox Studio Name Tag

Feeling left out because others have cool and modern nametags or lanyards and you don’t?

Do you want to show off your personality before you even speak to anyone?

Sewing Summit Name TagA lanyard can be a simple ribbon around your neck or you can  sew scraps together to make something that holds your name tag and is uniquely your own. Name tags can be made with any variety of techniques including:

Your name tag and lanyard can include a spot for your name tag only or you could include a pocket to hold a notepad and/or a pen. You can have several name tags if you want them to coordinate with your outfits. 😉 Just kidding. Who wants to take that much time away from piecing quilts????

Here a few tutorials and inspirational photos to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Quilted Lanyard Name tag:  this post has some great modern examples
  • Quilt Name Tag Ideas: this blog has some great examples of nametags. You will need to substitute your modern fabric.
  • Shipping tag name tag:  Whether or not you make art quilts, Linda and Laura Kemshall are really inspirational. I love the shape and letters on this name tag.
  • Favorite block: use your favorite block or a signature block to make a name tag.
  • Embellish: add a flower, heart or leaf to spice up your name tag.
  • You are a Winner!: use the shape of winning quilt ribbon as the base of your name tag. Perhaps you will be inspired to enter a show and win a ribbon!

DSC_0101We would love to see what you make to identify yourself. Please put a link in the comments below to your blog or Flickr stream to share.