This post is part of the Block of the Month series, sponsored by Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild.  See all the blocks right here and catch up on the January block here.

This month’s block is from Anna Maria Horner’s gorgeous Feather Bed Quilt.  Anna Maria’s pattern provides a template for the block in 18″ by 9″ size.  That’s a bit large to fit in the sampler, but you can easily resize to a 12″ by 6″ block. To make a 12″ tall feather, print the template with the scale set to 70%, and then add 1/4″ to the side of F1/F2 on the edge that says “join to next F.”

12″ feather block by Ruth

 If you are making a size smaller than 12″, you need to do a bit more work to resize the block.  The templates have the seam allowance included, so just printing it smaller will reduce the seam allowance (that’s why you have to add a bit to the 12″ block).  I recommend printing the pattern, cutting off the seam allowances, then using a copier to resize the templates.  After that you can tape the pattern pieces to a new piece of paper and then draw the seam allowances back.  Make a master copy of your finished templates so that you can make additional blocks without having to do this again!  If that sounds like it’s not worth it… weeell look at these little 6″ feathers:

Tiny Feathers by Cheryl and Ruth

 The feather is twice as tall as it is wide, but you can put two feathers side-by-side for a square block, or leave it skinny and make another block in your quilt wider. Yet another option is to put the feather on the diagonal:

tote feather by Sadie @ stitching up a storm via Flickr

You can make your feather by strip piecing – that’s the method explained in the quilt pattern.  You can also print extra copies of the feather template and use that as a foundation paper to string piece the feather sides.  That’s a great way to use up itty-bitty scraps, and an awesome place to use selveges:

AMH Feather by Charm About You via Flickr

If you’re playing along, be sure to put your block photos in the BAM-BOM Flickr group so that we can check them out!

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