Your guild needs YOU!!!!

One of the jobs that is fundamental to the guild (and all modern groups) is the Social Media Chair. The social media chair oversees the online side of the guild – including the blog, forum, and Flickr. The forum administrator, blog content contributors, meeting notetaker, and photographer report to the social media chair. Responsibilities include blog planning and scheduling with the content contributors and ensuring that event and activity information is posted online.

At this time, the Social Media Chair position is open and the coordinators for the blog, Flickr, etc are soldiering along on their own. The S.M. Chair doe NOT do all the work; s/he just coordinates everyone and makes the social media stuff get done.

This is a great opportunity to expand your skills (resume builder, if you are looking for that!) in:

  • delegating
  • working with a diverse group of people
  • overseeing a calendar of events [to post]
  • learning new technologies.

FAME: everyone in the guild will know you and thank you for making Bay Area Modern ahead of the curve in social media
POWER: you will have the power to influence blog topics, Flickr sets and what is posted on the Facebook page. You will get management experience.
GLORY: The success of your programming decisions will make you sought after by other Modern Guilds.

If you are interested in this position, please speak to Ruth.  Your guild needs YOU!!!!