At the recent December meeting, Kelly suggested we all make Lanyards and Name tags that reflected our own style.We posted about lanyards and are now here to give you ideas about namet ags.

A simple Google search using the terms (no quotes) “nametags fabric” will give you a lot of eye candy. Switch over to the images tab and just look at the variety of options. Some people did a little piecing. Some added a small image and their blog name.

Some musts:

  • Make sure your name is readable: large font, bold, dark color or good contrast with background
  • Make your name tag a reflection of your personality


  • add blog name
  • add your Avatar or social media image
  • add some piecing
  • machine embroider your name
  • hand embroider your name
  • Use a different shape for your nametag – star, shipping tag, circle, rainbow, heart, assymmetrical
  • Print on fabric with your printer
  • Shape it and put a pocket for a pen, etc
  • Check out this Pinterest board called Quilty Name Tags

Use a shape Add a love or hobby (besides quiltmaking!) Add buttons or other embellishments Make it three dimensional Make it round (or not rectangular)
Use your favorite colors, embroidery AND embellishments!

There are a lot more ideas out there. Use your imagination! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. 😉