Many of us are really busy. Too busy to make a quilt as  a gift yet we still want to be creative when giving gifts to new moms.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Gift certificates for something in a year – clothes, a few dinners, babysitting. The emphasis is often on the baby when it arrives, but the baby can’t go naked at 2 and the family still needs to eat.
  • Buy ready made onesies or plain clothes and embellish them with baby safe embroidery or applique. One hexagon on a onesie would extend the mom’s modern vibe to the baby. See an example from Allison Parker on Etsy
  • Buy ready made plain baby blankets and embellish with baby safe embroidery or applique.An embroidered duck in the corner of a blanket would be really adorable.
  • Buy a bath and hand towel. A few lines of stitching turn them into a hooded bath towel. Get together with a friend to make two so one can be in the wash while the other is keeping the baby warm. 
  • Buy larger towels and make a hooded bath towel for an older child. Take a look at the crazy mom tutorial or the Her Threaded Needle tutorial with embellishments or the pointy hood bath towel tutorial from the Blonde Mom