We had a great meeting and it was so cool to have a speaker! Thanks to Amanda and Kelly for arranging it.

Anne Sullivan of Play-Crafts.com. She gave us all a lecture on Color Theory.


  • Elections are next month.there will be a couple of new positions available: liaison with MQG and the Opportunity quilt coordinator. The liaison with the Modern Quilt Guild will take care of communications with that body. The Opportunity Quilt Coordinator will chair that committee, design the opportunity quilt and arrange for locations at which to sell tickets. Both positions will look GREAT on your resume, because they will allow you to make the position into what you want it to be.
  • Charity will host a Sew Day on October 4. We will work in teams to create charity tops. the Sew Day will be from 10-11pm and the charity part will be from 12-5pm. The Charity Girls have a prize for the most prolific team
  • Amanda still has no reliable source for Cat Bed donations. The Homeless Cat Network is going through transition. She has contacted a number of organizations and has been able to give away a few. She is still looking for an organization that will take Cat Bed donations. She found a few that were already made, but not stuffed, so people took some of those. A few were given in including a shocking neon orange bed! It got a few laughs.
  • The quilt display at the Los Altos Library will happen Dec 1-31 and Peggy has forms to fill out, so contact her. You won’t be able to take your quilt out of the show once it is hung up.
  • There were a few more packs of fabric for the 2014 Opportunity Quilt. The blocks are due at the October meeting.
  • PIQF is during the next meeting. 🙁 Poor planning on the Mancuso’s part!.
  • Retreat dates are still in process.
  • Amish exhibit – quilts are due. People who were unable to give their quilts in at yesterday’s meeting should arrange for a dropoff with Kelly. People showed their quilts during show and tell, but no photos were taken as people were concerned that others wouldn’t attend the show if they had already seen the quilts. Lots of great work.

See the photos from the meeting.Thanks to Jen for taking the time.