The next meeting will be held on December 6 and will start at 10 am for sewing, then adjourn at 1230 for the regular meeting, which will include a festive winter interlude, meeting and swap of gifts (if you signed up).Sewing will commence, again, after the meeting and will continue until 11pm. If you plan on coming after 6pm, let someone know as people often leave when the library closes if they think they will be alone.

The Board is pretty much set, but there are still volunteer opportunities. The guild needs a challenge coordinator, meeting activities coordinator. The Elections are unopposed. There will be a multitude of discreet opportunities to volunteer, so keep your eyes open if you cannot commit to a whole year. In order for the guild to function, we need all hands on deck!

Need volunteers to hang quilts in January when the Amish exhibit changes.
The festive winter interlude swap is already in progress.

Peggy (the Awesome) already has 27 entries for the Los Altos Library exhibit. If you want to help, contact Peggy about helping to hang quilts next week.

Charity – Karen volunteered to take quilts as the guild make them so we don’t have to store them. Over 90 quilts were already donated this year. Claire made a materials log.  If you donate all or part of quilt, write it down on the log and you will get a receipt suitable for taxes at the end of the year.

February 7 is the next charity sew day

QuiltCon entries are now open for the quilt show.

SCVQA show is in March. BAMQG has once again been invited to participate. The guild will need help setting up. Look for notice about this fun and useful activity!

The CQFA show is now up at the San Francisco Public Library. The main library is easily accessible via BART (exit at Civic Center).

After the meeting Kevin Kosbab spoke about Mid Century Modern quilts. His work can be viewed at:

Feed Dog Designs

Happy Thanksgiving!