BAMQG has three bays at the Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association 40th Anniversary Show and a group of us went to help set up on Friday.

This show is held in the same location as PIQF, but in a different hall (I think). I went late, but got there in time to help finish hanging the BAMQG quilts. Amanda, Kelly and Michelle had it well in hand. I added an extra pair of hands and driving skills.

Putting up with Poles

There was some putting up and taking down, redoing and moving, but it went very smoothly. Kelly was well organized and Amanda has great project management skills. The quilt show has interesting tools for doing the hanging and some balance is required, especially for the larger quilts.

The biggest problem we ran into was the creases in the quilts. I know there isn’t much we can do about it in general, but we went to lunch to decide on our next move. At lunch we decided that yes, we needed a steamer or a super duper steam iron. On the way back to finish our work, we stopped at Fry’s to see what they had.


I have to say that steamers are the way to go. They don’t, however, absolve all sins, but it did a great job with the folds, etc, from storage.The quilts looked better.

Funnily enough, everyone else at the quilt show came running over when they saw the steam, thinking there was a fire. When they saw what we were doing and that there wasn’t a fire, they thought we were brilliant.

A few others, including the featured artist, asked to borrow it. Every quilt show management should have one.

Bay Area Modern Banner Pre-Steamed


Bay Area Modern Banner Post-Steaming

Post Steaming

We thought the quilting stood out a lot of more, though I think my phone photos don’t really do the work and expense justice.

We had a fun time and the quilts look great.