Upcoming Events:

  • September 19 – Guild Meeting
  • October 11 – Sherri Lynn Wood Workshop 
  • October 17 – Guild Meeting
  • October 17: Low Volume challenge projects due!
  • November 7 – Charity Sew Day

IRR Schedule (see post on Friday for more detailed info)

  • August 2015: Introduce IRR. Sign-ups at meeting and on Ning
  • Sept 2015:  Starters due, exchange of first bins amongst members
  • Nov 2015:  Round 2 due, exchange
  • Feb 2016: Round 3 due, exchange
  • April 2016:  Round 4, or final exchange, or take your final piece home to finish up

Meeting Notes:

Angela and Cheryl headed the meeting on Saturday as our Fearless Leader was absent and very much missed. Angela and Cheryl stepped in and did a fantastic job running the meeting.

1. Getting to Know You Question: What Style of Quiltmaking Best Describes Your Style?

  • Fast & Furious
  • Steady as she goes
  • Whatever
  • Prim and Proper Precision

As you can imagine, there were a lot of variations on this theme. There was a lot of “whatever”, especially people evolving from another description to “whatever”. True to form, members, also, culd not pick from the list and had to make up their own including:

  • Start and stop
  • Overambitious
  • None of the above (HA!!!)
  • Slow and steady
  • Slow, tries to be precise

The best part was that there was a lot of laughter. This is a great way to get to know each other and I always see someone new as we go around the room.

2. Opportunity Quilt
The fabulous, Amanda, needs help selling tickets at PIQF, Thursday October 15 – Sunday October 18. The shifts are two hours and we are also responsible for putting in some white gloving time for the general PIQF show. Please contact Amanda through the Ning Forum to sign up. You will need to buy your own tickets to enter the show, but you can enter throughout the show to view quilts and shop with your ticket.

Prizes are being offered to those who volunteer for (and show up for!!) the most shifts. A first and second prize will be awarded. This means that if you have 20 hours and the next closest person has 19, you will win a fabulous prize. sign up NOW to get your choice of shifts.

3. Pacific International Quilt Festival
As mentioned, PIQF is coming to the Santa Clara Convention Center,  Thursday October 15 – Sunday October 18.There is a Mid-Century Modern Contest and the entry date has been extended, so enter your quilt. There is also a new modern quilt category. This has been added to freshen up the show.

4. The Sherri Lynn Wood Workshop will be coming to a guild near you on October 11.

What:  Improvising From a Score with Sherri Lynn Wood (http://daintytime.net/)
Date:  Sunday, October 11, 2015, 10am-4:30pm
Location:  Always Quilting, 4230 Olympic Ave, San Mateo
Cost:  $80 per person (does NOT include lunch)
5. Guild Improv Round Robin Coming Soon
Cheryl and Jen will be organizing a guild-wide round robin based on Sherri Lynn Wood’s “Improv is a YES conversation” concept. You will be taking what someone else has done and adding to it. This is an interesting opportunity to discover things about yourself. You must have a copy of the book.
Stay tuned for more details, which will be posted on the Forum, but purchase the book in the meantime so you can get an idea of what we will be doing.

6. Charity

  • Postage Stamp blocks are still ongoing
  • There are a number of quilts that need to be quilted
  • Bow Tie kits are still available

The Charity Sew Day was a big success. participants sewed large rectangles together using the QuiltCon 2015 challenge colors. Lynette won the Sew Day prize.

Next Charity Sew Day: November 7 at Peggy’s Community Room

7. Volunteering
The guild operates because of volunteers. We are successful because of volunteers. We are all busy, but many hands make light work. What will you do? We need volunteers to sell Opportunity Quilt tickets at PIQF and we need volunteers for all positions for 2016.

Step up and make a difference!

8. Swaps
Swap Coordinator, Joy-Lily is putting together a list of blogs. Add a link to a blog you like on the Ning thread and Joy-Lily will create a list to be distributed at the December meeting. It will also be posted on this blog.

Also, Gift-a-palooza is coming to the next meeting. Gifts will be made for other participants and swapped at the Holiday Extravaganza. Think about colors and gifts you would like.  Look for more details at the next meeting.

9. Quilty Happenings

10. Challenges
Karen gave a great lecture explaining to all of us what Low Volume prints are:

  • NOT size of fabric
  • NOT ‘loudness’ of fabric
  • What percentage of fabric is white or light
  • Malka Dubrowski is credited with the first definition and the term ‘low volume’

    • white or light based background with a print
    • print needs a secondary design
    • light is at least 50% of the overall fabric color. (Karen showed us the threshold tool on Photoshop where you can see the percentage of white vs color in a fabric)
    • Perhaps: fabric needs to read as light, but this is in dispute
    • Not a solid

    She showed us examples of the Threshold Test results so we could look at the fabrics and see how much light they contained.

    Karen reminded us that low volume was not necessarily a new concept and had some examples of antique or vintage quilts that read as low volume.

    15 Years ago most lights were beige. Now there is much more availability of lights in brighter whites and other colors. There are a lot of prints with light backgrounds. The low volume concept looks nice as a background.

    This leads us to challenge #2:

    • design or make a low volume quilt or project (bag, pillow, etc)
    • 50% of the fabrics should be low volume
    • 1st 32 participants picked up a FQ of low volume fabric, which they can, but are not required to use
    •  No size restrictions
    • Due by October meeting

    As usual, Show and Tell was a huge success. We want to see you and your projects. Come join us at the next meeting!