The “Yes, And” Improv Round Robin (IRR) was mentioned at the last meeting and will start at the September meeting, which is Saturday! You can find a thread on the Ning. We are providing some information here.

-Fabric (see page 43)
-a piece of your ‘signature’ fabric
-Bag or bin labeled with your name
-Sewing machine in good working order

Sherri Lynn Wood has written a book on improvisational quiltmaking. We will be using her information to work on a guild-wide round robin. In this exercise, each person will be taking the piece you have been given by someone else, and adding on- conversation style. We are modifying this to fit into a once-a-month exchange round robin for the guild rather than the one day workshop as described in the book.

 Note: that anyone participating in this round robin must have a copy of Sherri Lynn Wood’s The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters as we will be referring to this book (and out of respect for the author’s original, hard work).

You can certainly work on this at home, but we are a social group so we would like to encourage people to stay after the meeting and do their rounds together. This means that we can time each round, do the centering together, etc. Remember, it’s only 20 minutes!

 So, get your fabrics selected and let’s do some improv!

The Score:
1.       Select a group of fabrics: see page 43 in the book for suggested amounts/types. These will be the building blocks of your quilt that everyone will use to build with. Place in a bag or bin with your name and email address on it to keep everything together.

2.       Choose your “signature” fabric that you will add to everyone’s quilt. You will keep this fabric.  Don’t stress too much about this because it’s impossible to choose a fabric that will “go” with everyone else’s fabric choices.  Don’t worry, it’ll work out, just choose something you like!

3.       Read page 43 for the rules, techniques and mind-clearing methods. Remember that this is a ruler and template-free process!  Center yourself right before beginning each round.

4.       Round 1: using your own set of curated fabrics from #1, begin the quilt “conversation.” Suggested time limit: 20 minutes. Place your starter and your curated fabrics into your bag or bin and bring to the next guild meeting for exchange with other members of the round robin! Keep your signature fabric.

5.       Round 2 and beyond: after receiving someone else’s piece, add to the conversation using their fabrics, adding your own signature fabric, and using the same rules, techniques, and mind-clearing methods as before. As pieces get larger, the time limit can increase (30 minutes suggested) but don’t spend hours agonizing!  In fact, it’s encouraged to NOT look at the piece at all until right before you start your 30 minutes. Remember, this is improv and is a “yes, and conversation”! The number of final rounds will depend on the number of participants.

6.       When you get your final piece back after the rounds, do any final additions to the piece that you feel it needs.
(Draft) Timeline (subject to change):
August 2015: Introduce IRR. Sign-ups at meeting and on ning
Sept 2015:  Starters due, exchange of first bins amongst members
Nov 2015:  Round 2 due, exchange
Feb 2016: Round 3 due, exchange
April 2016:  Round 4, or final exchange, or take your final piece home to finish up
…Continue as needed…

NOTE: this is meant to be FUN and FREEING. While we would like to keep the rounds going at a reasonable pace, if you must miss a month don’t worry too much. We do not want people to be afraid to participate.

Find Sherri Lynn’s website at: