February Meeting Minutes

Joy-Lily was our president du jour and did a great job. She reminds us that there will be different meeting facilitators through June and to contact Ruth regarding adding items to the agenda during this period of time.

Quilty question the day- In view of Valentine’s Day what is your “quilty” pleasure? A sampling of answers:

– using all my scraps
– perusing fabrics in the store or on line
– organizing and fondling fabrics
– binge watching the BBC while quilting
– Pinterest, Instagram and Blog following
– going to quilt shows, taking classes including Craftsy classes
– addiction to Massdrop
– looking at and purchasing quilting books
– scoring a great deal on fabric remnants including those at Fabmo
– giving quilts away, especially those that have been made with an individual in mind
– hand stitching
– quilting with a friend
– rotary cutting- including cutting 2.5 inch squares
– opening packages of delivered to one’s doorstep then washing , pressing and organizing the fabric


Meeting dates for 2016:  March 12, April 9, May 21, June 18

Claire reminds us that our $40.00 guild membership fee is due.  Membership cards are being issued to paid members.

Mackenzie Leake was introduced.  She is a Stanford PhD student taking a journalism class for which she has been asked to produce a 2-3 minute documentary film which tells stories about the local community outside of academia.  She filmed today with the help of her mom, Linda, and will share end result with the guild at a later date. Those who wished were given the opportunity to decline being filmed.

Los Altos Library Quilt Show is reported to be the most popular of the shows at the library.  Thanks to Peggy, Michelle Sullivan and others who helped out.  Photos should be on web site shortly, if they are not already.


Lending library:  Library is not available today due to Kelly’s illness.

Charity Work: Stay after the meeting and help cut fabric for the newest project.
Cat beds.

Retreat committee:  Cindy reports that the retreat will likely be in October.  Venue and precise date as yet to be determined.

Stay  and sew following the meeting.

Groups meeting after meeting adjourns include hand stitching, improv round robin, Mighty Lucky quilt club.

Sew Days:  They’re back!  Mary Cravens has arranged to have them the first Saturday of each month beginning March 5 from 10-4PM.  Held at Grace Lutheran Church, 3149 Waverly Street, Palo Alto in Brown Hall.  Please RSVP to Mary by the Friday preceding each sew day (the day before). Members should check the post on the Ning site with more information.

Scale and structure challenge: due at April meeting.

Quilty Happenings:

Quilt Con is almost upon us. Bay area quilt guilds joint dinner at Barney’s Beanery in Pasadena Sat 7:30.  Go to Ning for link to RSVP.

“Quilt Non” hosted by Intrepid Thread via Instagram for those not going to Quilt Con.  Fun and prizes.

Charity quilting at the Cotton Patch in the East Bay on the second Thursday of each month,

San Francisco Guild having Rachel Clark at 7:15 on Tuesday the 16th 42nd and Geary.

Make it Modern retreat at Peppermint Resort and Casino in Reno, Nevada June 9-12.  Guild member Kathleen Robertson, now living in Nevada, is involved.  Contact Kelly for details.

San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles calling for “Fiber shots” by March 4.  Go to http://www.sjquiltmuseum.org/files/FiberShots2016request.pdf.  They are also to have a Kaffe Fassett exhibit and lecture March 12 through June 28. Lecture is an extra fee beyond admission. Go to  http://www.sjquiltmuseum.org/exhibitions_upcoming.html.  Museum membership is $30 a year.

Pajaro Valley Quilt Show – Feb 27-28 at the Santa Cruz county Fairgrounds.

Quilter’s March Madness
Shop Hop By The Bay
Piecemakers Quilt Show

June 11-19: San Mateo County Fair. Contest book and rules is now available.

If you are in need of fabric for Riley Blake Fabric Challenge thru MQG, Joy-Lily may be able to get you some. Speak to her.

Upcoming swap-  Ruth announced the “Favorite Tool Swap” for next month.  Bring your favorite new $10-25 tool (NOT a rotary cutter).  If it is an item worth less than the $10 please supplement with fabric or provide 2 tools.  Please wrap the items.  There will be the opportunity to “steal” other people’s tools at the swap as in a White Elephant exchange.

Ruth gave an impressive presentation as part of a skill building series on how to position elements in a quilt top.  The details will be posted on Ning.  If you have topics you are interested in having her address, please let her know.

Drawing:  Linda Leake won a fabulous prize!

Show and Tell:  Another awesome display of creativity and talent, photographed by Jen with photos to be posted soon.

Next meeting:  March 12, Redwood City Library, 1PM to 5PM