The meeting was held at our regular location at the Redwood City Library in the Community Room. You missed a fun time if you weren’t there. Hope to see you at the next meeting on May 21 from 1-5pm.

1. Question of the Day: What was your biggest misconception around quiltmaking?

  • saving money by making quilts
  • takes a long time to make a block
  • you would buy fabric for one project at a time
  • free motion quilting is easy
  • impossible to sew straight lines
  • Mom knew what she was doing when she taught me to quilt
  • you can’t make a quilt until you really know what you are doing
  • it’s not a quilt unless it is handquilted
  • if you quilt you also hem pants
  • would like making same block over and over for your entire quiltmaking ‘career’
  • have to stop if it isn’t perfect
  • can’t quilt on a small machine
  • easy to quilt around kids
  • moving between 5/8″ seam allowance to 1/4″ seam allowance would be super easy
  • all quilts are brown or tan or country cute
  • quilters are fuddy old ladies

2. Ongoing Projects

Charity: This year 8 wheelchair quilts, 9 NICU quilts and 2 women’s shelter quilts were donated. The Charity Girls needs help quilting some tops they have received and putting postage stamp blocks together into quilt tops. See Michelle and Peggy to help out.

Swaps: Mini-quilt photos, which were needed to sign up for the mini-quilt swap, were due yesterday. If you signed up, you should have gotten your assignment via email. Quilts should be between 12″-24″ on a side. 18″x18″ is a good size. Mini-swappers: your quilts are due at the June meeting.

Fundraising: Ruth collected items for the raffle. She needs help organizing them and she needs more items.

3. Communications: Gerre created a tutorial for the forum. It includes getting email notifications. The forum is the main way we communicate with members. If you are not getting a once a month email blast about the meeting, you are not signed up on the forum and are missing vital information. Bring your device and get help signing up.

4. Mackenzie’s video: She filmed a recent meeting and the film is now finished and on YouTube. There was an article written about it.

5. Retreat: Signups will be next month. Details to follow.

6. Workshops: Angela has arranged a workshop with Latifah Saafir. More information can be found on the blog.

7. Events:

  • San Mateo County Fair – entries are due May 10. Fee to enter is very low. Online contest books are available. Select Creative Home Arts. Please enter a quilt so that we have a fantastic showing. Lynette will collect quilts at the next meeting and deliver them to the fair.
  • Make It Modern Events – June 9-12. Sign up now for 2 fantastic classes with Libs Elliot and Christina Camelli.
  • Stitch Modern – through May 8.

8. Challenge: Karen gave out more Carol Van Zandt fabric for the “Get Your Curve On” challenge. Contact Karen to see if she has more fabric or buy your own Carol Van Zandt fabric to participate. The piece must have a curve in it. Due in August and Karen encourages you to quilt it.

9. Demo: Ruth gave a demo on Advance Improv Curves. This technique works best with gentle curves under 60 degrees.

10. Jaye won the giveaway, a bag of QuiltCon goodies.

Check out photos from the meeting on our Flickr Stream.

Be a part of the fun. We hope to see you at the next meeting.