Join us tomorrow, Saturday July 16, 2016, for our monthly guild meeting! Join us at 1:00, at the Redwood City Library, in the upstairs community room.

Things to bring:

  • IRR Round Robin bins and bags
  •  Lucky Spools work 
  • Show and Tell 
  • Your name tag 
  • Charity blocks and quilts 
  • Small Group projects (and ideas for new Small Groups!) 
  •  Information about local/national quilty happenings 
  • Non-messy snacks 
  •  Sewing projects for after the meeting  
  • Notebook and pen for notes on the workshop (see below)

Last month, people made blocks for #quiltsforpulse. Jaime put the top together and it looks great.

Workshop News: Just a quick reminder that Jaime will be doing a little talk/demo/Q&A session about the Workshop homework after this Saturday’s BAM meeting. Please plan to stay for a little while after the regular meeting. Please bring your questions.If you cannot make it this Saturday, but still have questions, please use the Ning forum discussion to post them. The Workshop Coordinator, Angela, will also take some photos of her examples and post to Ning after the meeting.

Note: we will be using the Cargo Duffel 2 pattern. It is a rewrite of the original Cargo Duffel pattern

For those who are on the wait list, please feel free to join us because who knows, you may
get in after all! Contact Angela if you want to get on the wait list.

Member fee: $10

Non-member fee: $50

If you have any questions (or if I forgot something!), please leave a comment, or see an officer at the meeting.

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