We held another fantastic meeting at the Redwood City Library Community Room on Saturday. Joelle ‘hosted’ and we had 40 attendees.
1. Question of the Day:  What is the biggest disappointment, disaster or frustration you have had with quilting or sewing?
– Cut through fabric while quilting
– Sewed through finger
– Cut finger with rotary cutter
– Tripped over iron cord and pulled muscle in leg that took forever to heal
– Cut backing while quilting and had to re-piece
– Cut all pieces 3 3/4 not realizing it was finish to 3 3/4
– Never finished quilt because cut some at 1/8″
– Made a dress for sister at the last minute and found out cuffs were in the same direction
– Switched direction while quilting on a long arm and stitched leader into quilt
– Made wedding dress and niece and while cutting a long edge shaved a slice out of my finger.  And when doing final pressing on silk the iron spits out rust.
– Rotary cutter slipped out of my hand and cut my foot
– Make a Quilt in a Day quilt 3-4 months ago and when got back to quilt 5 blocks are missing. No more fabric.
– Needle through finger while sewing
– While making customer quilt cat threw up all over fabric
– Issy Miyuke (sp?) shirt with a lot of pieces and complex pattern, almost done and cut through 2 layers and ruined.
– Not starting a project
– Long arm quilting, big fold on back when finished
– Finished skirt in 4H and accidentally cut through waistband
– Sewed in zipper upside down
– Philosophy:  It is a disaster or it isn’t
– About the recovery rather than the disaster:  hideous bridesmaid dresses with giant bow in the back.  Unknown to the bride took the bows off and made them much smaller and stapled them on.  Also fixed brides dress with stapler.
– Washed a quilt with hand dyed fabric, which bled badly; now don’t wash quilts before I give them away!
– Wedge quilt, didn’t know Kona colors weren’t always the same.  Didn’t have enough and tried to match by buying from multiple stores.  Ended up picking the quilt apart and spreading the shades across the whole quilt.
– Tried to chop finger off and upside down blocks
– Cutting through fingernail with rotary.  

-Made a costume with a million seams.  Was made for the water. Rayon grew 6 times in the swimming pool.  Had to cut all the dresses down and re-sew them all.  Now I pre-wash everything.

– Made a stocking and resewed it 5 times.  During process seam ripper was used a lot.  Cracked fingers and palm – thought I had cancer!
– Took a year to make a quilt.  Washed it and wide back fabric ran all over the quilt. (Tula wide back)
– Wanted to bond with SIL so went to my first quilt meeting.  My SIL made a big deal about the name tag or you had to pay.  I made mine with freezer paper and after I finished it and put it on it crackled.
– Quilted entire quilt with bad tension on back.  Had to pick it all out.
– Discount fabric used for quilt back.  When I washed it the back melted into the batting.
– Made 8th grade graduation dress.  When pressed melted the organza and satin.
– Disasters happen at deadline, so if you see me sewing during the meeting you know I had a disaster
– Tried to learn how to use the quick curve ruler, very frustrating
– Pressed shoulder seam while wearing garmet
– Used polyester tread, melted when I pressed it.
– Needed to pay for own wedding dress, mother wouldn’t make dress so I made it myself. Accidentally cut through huge swath on back and had to remake.
2. Charity Quilts. Peggy: will be cutting fabric for next block during Stay and Sew after meeting
3. Retreat:  Cindy:  Money due.  34 people at retreat.  Please bring small projects like tote bags, etc. since the sewing space will be limited. Hotel doesn’t have an elevator so let her know if need first floor accommodation.  Everyone bring 2 fat quarters and a gadget less than $10 to the retreat.
4.  Workshops:  Thank you gift card to Jaime.  Asked if anyone was interested in doing another cargo duffle workshop.  Priority will be given to those that didn’t attend the last one. New workshop sign up at September meeting.
5. Library (Kelly).  Return any books to her you might have.  Will bring books to check out next time.
6. Holiday Swap coming soon (Ruth wasn’t able to make the meeting
7. December Meeting will be on Dec. 3rd at Grace Lutheran Church.  10 – 5-ish.  Will start out as a Sew Day and then at 1pm will have our meeting and holiday swap (and refreshments).
8. Quilty Happenings:
– PIQF entries (applications) are due Aug. 30th. Quilts turned in Oct 6-10th.
– Quilting in the Garden, Alden Lane Nursery – end of Sept.
– Peninsula Quilt Show Sept 17, 18
– SJMQT – Tying the Knot, Fundraiser, August 27th.
– Sherri Lynn Wood Recology Project, Sept 23, 24
– Tara Faughan workshops 
– SBMQG offering a workshop with Sherri Lynn Wood in November
9. Challenges: Karen did a presentation on Minimalism.  Challenge due in Dec.  Requirements are on The Forum.

Make it Modern Challenge is part of the challenge series on what is modern. This month’s topic is minimalism

  • Simplicity of Form
  • Abstract: should not refer to anything other than itself
  • Usually solid fabrics
  • straight line quilting
  • Meaning should be expressed in as few elements as possible
  • Every rule is meant to be broken

Challenge is to make:

  •  a 30×30 inch or larger quilt  
  • use solids only
  • 10 or fewer colors
  • a design that has  meaning or emotion
  • Due at December meeting
  • More details on the forum (for members) 

10. Dates
September 17: regular meeting
October 22: regular meeting
November 5: Sew Day (Sew Together Bag sewalong)

Thanks to Gerre and Catherine W for taking the minutes at the meeting.