This call comes around every year and is vital to the health of the guild. You can make the position your own.

BAM NEEDS YOU!  Please consider volunteering for a position, or even “co-volunteering” – sharing the load with someone else.  Elections will be held in November if necessary.  Below are the listed positions, the associated duties and approximately how much time they can take per month. If you have an interest in a position not listed, we can create it for you!  The current 2016 position holder’s name is indicated in parentheses so that you may ask them for more details.  A bold comment at the end indicates that the position is open or that assistance is needed by someone who has volunteered. Contact me, reply to the Ning post on this subject or email me if you would like to help continue to make this a great guild.
Guild officers (6-10 hours per month):
Meeting Chair (President)-  (Joelle) Responsible for meeting content, officiates meetings, and is the official face and highest individual authority of the guild. OPEN
Events Chair (Vice President) (Lynette and Gerre with Angela taking on workshops this past year)– Responsible for non-meeting activities like field trips, speakers, and workshops.  Back-up to the president with regards to authority.  Coordinates or delegates and manages volunteers coordinating special events. OPEN
Treasurer  (Claire)– Responsible for reconciling bank statement, reimbursement of members for guild related expenses and for collecting dues. Prepares yearly and interim budgets, submits yearly returns to IRS and FTB.  Reports to meeting chair & head of events.  CLAIRE WILL CONTINUE UNTIL MID 2017 AND WILL NEED SOMEONE TO TAKE OVER BY THAT TIME.
Medium level commitment volunteer positions (4-6 hours per month):
Charity Committee Chair (Michelle Boyd and Peggy)– Head of charity committee.  Responsible for coordinating charity kit schedule with the board, keeping the board updated on charity activities, and ensures that charity spending is matched to the approved charity budget. CAT BEDS HAVE BEEN A PROJECT OF AMANDA’S AND AS SHE WILL NOT BE WITH US NEXT YEAR, SOMEONE WHO IS INTERESTED MAY VOLUNTEER FOR THIS ASPECT 
Retreat Committee Chair  (Cindy Church)– Head of retreat committee responsible for organizing yearly retreat.  (Retreat committee chair is a 3-6 month position, not the entire year, but hours are higher during retreat “season”  around 10-20 hours per month).  
Retreat Committee Member (Michelle-Nichole, Bonnie, Amy, Mary Cravens, Rozanne) – help organize yearly retreat (3-6 month commitment, around 5-15 hours per month).  SEVERAL OPENINGS
Social Committee Chair (None)-Head of social committee, which is in charge of greeting new members, parties, social media, and meeting notes & pictures.  Depending on interest, this person could also be responsible planning & making changes to our social media to make it easier for people to use. OPEN.
Opportunity Quilt Chair (Alison, Ruth, Ann Smith)– help organize the yearly opportunity quilt.  This includes securing places to display it and sell tickets (mainly quilt festivals), and planning, or creating a group to plan, the following year’s opportunity quilt. OPEN
Lower level commitment positions (About 2-4 hours some months):
National MQG liaison (Mike)– acts on behalf of the guild to liaise with national for getting new members onto the National site.  Communicates with National regarding making sure national activities are available to local members when necessary. Reports to local President and Vice President with updates and issues.
Swap coordinator (Ruth)– organize 2-3 swaps per year. OPEN.
Challenge coordinator (Karen)– organize 3-4 challenges per year, including arranging sponsorship when possible. OPEN.
Meeting activities coordinator (None) – works with meeting chair to plan meeting content, including organizing speakers, demos, and group activities.  Keeper of projector.  OPEN
Sew Day Coordinator (Mary Cravens)– schedules sew days and arranges snacks & supplies.
Charity committee member – making charity kits, putting on charity events, and arranging for tops to be finished.
Membership coordinator (Part of social committee) (AnneMarie )- greets new members and provides them with info, collects, distills & reports results from membership forms.  Accepts new members on the forum.
Meeting note taker (Part of social committee) (Jaye)  – prepares notes & publishes them on the blog  JAYE WOULD LIKE ASSISTANCE WITH THE BLOG.
Photographer (Part of social committee)(Anna Lapid)- Takes pictures at meetings and events & uploads them to Ning and Flickr account or arranges for someone to do so. OPEN
Librarian (Kelly)- Keeper of books donated by Lucky Spools and others.  Keeps track of where books are at any given time. 
Securer of Guild Meeting place-(Amanda)-  Must be resident of Redwood City.  Secures meeting room on October 1st of each year. OPEN
Coffee pot baby sitter (Amanda)- OPEN
Random number generator(Cheryl)
We need you. Many hands make light work. Get involved!!  Thanks, Joelle