First of all thanks to Angela O for being an excellent workshop coordinator. The Walking Foot WOW! Workshop with Mel Beach was her swan song as she steps down from a few years of volunteering and takes a well deserved break.

The workshop was held at Grace Lutheran on Saturday (thanks for arranging the space, Mary C!). The task was to learn to use to the walking foot to create a sampler (or two) of several different quilting patterns. Most of the patterns were straight line, but Mel included some gentle curves as well.

Mel was well organized and had obviously worked hard to develop her handouts.

The workshop was organized so that the group would get together to learn information then go to the machines to practice. There was a lot of back and forth, which was great because it encouraged everyone to take breaks.

Mel covered taking breaks and caring for your body in addition to using tape to mark, tips and tricks for pivoting, decorative stitches and much more.

This is a good basic workshop on machine quilting taught by a calm and well prepared instructor.

You can read more about Mel’s thoughts on her blog post.